Marketing and Advertising 2.0

Our world today has grown exponentially and continues to grow bigger and bigger each and every day. With the human population growing, competition for survival is increasing drastically. In order for one to fight their competitors they must find ways to stand out, be unique and have a strong yet different reputation in the world. Whether it be a business or company aiming to get bigger than its competitors or simply a blogger trying to get their name to stand out amongst the other bloggers, marketing and advertising oneself in a unique way is always crucial. There are many ways in which one can go about selling their name or company but in todays world the most common and popular way is through social and digital media. People are constantly updating and checking their Facebook, Instagram, twitter and more so it is almost guaranteed that if a company can find a way to make it popular on one of those sites they will get their name out and potentially begin to grow.

Screen-Shot-2015-07-14-at-15.22.09 Coca-Cola-Facebook

The first reason why marketing through social media can help a name grow is because it allows the person/company to personally interact with their customers and receive feedback and insight through likes, comments and tweets. This then allows the company to receive immediate feedback so they can continue to alter their marketing strategies for the better. Another reason why advertising their social media is extremely beneficial is that it reaches a large audience, some of which you never even thought existed. This can lead to more sales, thus growth for the company itself. Marketing and advertising through social media is not only extremely beneficial but it is also free. If you propose a unique and well-written advertisement you will be able to get your name out there for free and potentially end up making money from it in the end.

Social Media Signs Illustration Design

Over the course of this past year we have seen many advertisements flourish but one in particular that has successfully made it big is the ALS Association and their ice bucket challenge. They spread awareness through campaigning via Facebook and people all over the world were constantly posting videos of themselves partaking in the ice bucket challenge while tagging more friends to further the challenge. Results show that there were about 17 million videos from 159 countries. These videos reached even as far as celebrities such as Will Smith, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Mark Zuckerberg.

This huge marketing strategy cost the ALS Association zero dollars and in return raised $220 million dollars. The ALS Association shows an incredible example of how important it is to create a unique advertisement for oneself and how one can get themselves out into the world simply by using social media for free.


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